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bookieNeed to Learn Photoshop FAST?

The Gloryhound Guide to Photoshop is an all-encompassing tutorial eBook that’ll have you working in Photoshop from day one! Best of all, our Photoshop basics book is only $9.99 to download! Features include:

  • Over 40 pages of content, breaking Photoshop’s various windows, tool bars and menus down into easy-to-understand parts
  •  Comprehensive maps of the workspace as well as tool and menu bars
  •  An explanation of Photoshop’s specialties, such as working with layers and areas of selection
  •  A quick-start guide combining several of Photoshop’s most useful tools and their uses into one lesson

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Beyond Email: Follow-Up Without Dreading It

One of the mantras that we share at Gloryhound is to be constantly in the service of others, and in order to do so you need feedback.
When I wrote my last blog post,  I talked briefly about the follow-up process and how it is, in my opinion, the place where all the magic happens in a sale. Some of you weren’t crazy about that notion, because I’d wager you feel like a follow-up can come across as a mix between begging and harassment…
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Know Your Value

I imagine if you’re an artist (or writer, or other type of creative) you have likely asked yourself this question: “How much is my stuff worth?”
There are obviously no easy answers, here. What you’re worth is based on several factors, including the time you put into your craft, your experience, the cost of supplies needed, who you’ve worked for in the past and the list goes on…
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Getting a Kickstarter Fully Funded

In February 2013, I launched my first Kickstarter. With the work I’d already put into the project, I expected it to be successful.
What I didn’t expect, was for the project to be funded in less than 24 hours from its start, and to more than double its original goal by the end. Here, in a nutshell (hey, I have to save some of this for the eBook!) is how I did it…
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The Worst Things Good Parents are Teaching Creative Kids

With education costs rising and students ill-prepared for interviews, how can we better prepare creative kids for adulthood?
Having looked at the issue as someone who’s been in the art industry both as an illustrator and a designer for the last decade, I think we need to rearrange some of the common misconceptions out there about taking a job in the creative fields.
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